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Millennium Jazz Music brings you Locations, which is the first beat tape from many who will explore the sounds and influences of Jazz music in different regions of the world. This one is inspired from the Japanese Jazz musicians.

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"From a land of creation, inovation and inspiration"… Quetzal brings you a world of smooth grooves combined with more rootsy musical elements, 70s Latin, Caribbean and Jamaican styles are clearly present, all seamlessly melded with more hip-hop and soul flavours.

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"Put your heart into your art. There is someone out there that will be impacted by your gift." RIP PRAVERB, your uplifting energy and spirit changed and inspired our lives.

Beatchronic Worldwide Show #5: Moose Dawa (Sweden)

Moose Dawa got the opportunity to do an exclusive mix for, where he decided to share through music his summer experience. Expect smooth tunes, soulful & jazzy beats.

Cover by Luna Li

Strictly Vinyl Underground HipHop Mix from Shorty82, released on EachOneTeachOne music blog, with music from Twit One, Vertual Vertigo, 8Bit, Dela, Large Professor, People Under The Stairs, Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats, Blame One & J57, Giant Panda, Thes One & Raashan Ahmad and many more.

Starting from the idea to release sounds using the same samples, a collective of independent artists, used whatever combination for building original tracks, each in their own artistic way. This is the result of their efforts and their unique perception on sound architecture.
From downtempo & trip hop to electronic infused beats & hip hop instrumentals, you will find tunes from producers like Moose DawaDASH,Abstract OptimSpacedtimeAtouckDanaga, DeeB, FLG, Fanescu and many more.
The Soundsphere Project reached their 5th Release, which is available to stream and download for free on their website:

Dj Dash at turntables, Graffiti by Fear, Sound provided by Sleepnot Soundsystem/ Clearsound Romania

Picture by Haihai - 1st event OVS : Casa de pe Chei Bumpin On the Vibe Side

Bringin Flavaz is the first joint mix by Adnana Sun & Anna Piranty for The Find Magazine & On The Vibe Side. Reaching across Europe from Romania to England, the two hip hop heads combine to reminisce on 90s boom bap as well as more recent classics. Bringing Flavaz is one of those mixes that will remind a lot of us why we began our hip hop journey.